Long Island Federal Crimes

Have you been charged with a federal crime in Long Island?

We understand the ways that the federal criminal courts differ from the state courts. We know that federal prosecutors often have more resources than state officials and will take more time to thoroughly prepare a case. We have considerable knowledge of the federal criminal justice system, as well as the federal sentencing guidelines and procedures, and will use our experience, skill, knowledge and resources to help you pursue the outcome you want.

We will conduct an exhaustive investigation of the facts and circumstances of your federal criminal charge, looking carefully at how law enforcement officers obtained any evidence against you. We will verify that there was probable cause for any search or seizure, and that any tips or other information came from reliable sources. We will also confirm that you were advised of your Miranda rights if taken into custody.

Bid-rigging is when two or more competitors have conspired to determine the winner of a bid in advance of submitting the bids. It can take on several differing forms and is a highly prosecuted form of conspiracy. Click here to read more about bid-rigging.

There are several types of bribery, including paying a political figure or government official to take a specific action in your favor, paying a witness to lie, or even providing gifts in exchange for some favorable action that you would not have received otherwise. Click here to read more about bribery.

Child Pornography 
Child pornography charges are very serious and can have a permanent impact on your life and criminal record if convicted. Child pornography is a federal crime with potential for lengthy prison terms and registration on the sex offender registry. Click here to read more about child pornography.

This crime is defined as an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the conspiracy, the punishment can vary in great lengths. Click here to read more about conspiracy.

Counterfeiting is a crime that the government takes very seriously, especially when it involves US currency and even counterfeit goods like name brand purses and clothes. Click here to read more about counterfeiting.

Cyber Crimes 
There are several types of crimes that fall under the category of cyber crimes, being that by definition it is any crime that involves a computer and network. Since it involves the internet, cyber crimes are considered federal crimes as they are able to extend beyond the state to nationally or even international. Click here to read more about cyber crimes.

Filing False Reports 
Depending on the level of crime that you falsify will dictate the level of penalties you may face. The act of filing false reports is governed by both federal and state laws. Click here to read more about filing false reports.

Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of facts by a person to another with knowledge of it being false. Fraud may also be made by an omission of facts, which makes other related statements misleading. Click here to read more about fraud.

Identity Theft 
Identity Theft is the intent to use another's identity to commit or aid in any unlawful activity. This includes obtaining records or accessing identifying information that would assist in assuming the identify of another person. Click here to read more about identity theft.

Insider Trading 
Insider Trading generally refers to buying or selling a security while in possession of material, nonpublic information about the security. The SEC treats these crimes very seriously due to the impact they have on investor confidence. Click here to read more about insider trading.

This federal crime is the act of taking, holding, or detaining another person by fear or force, while moving that person against his or her will to another location. There are several types of kidnapping, including simple or aggravated kidnapping, false imprisonment, and parental kidnapping. Click here to read more about kidnapping.

Money Laundering 
Money Laundering is the process of concealing the source of money obtained by illicit means. There are varying ways money is laundered with matching varying levels of sophistication. If you are under suspicion of money laundering, please contact our law firm to discuss how LaRusso Conway & Bartling can develop a sound and strategic defense for you. Click here to read more about money laundering.

This illegal activity occurs when a company artificially manipulates the price for a product or service with a competitor to ensure both mutually benefit. Price-fixing is a complex legal matter, which is why you need the experienced attorneys of LaRusso Conway & Bartling to fight your charges. Click here to read more about price-fixing.

Tax Fraud 
Tax fraud occurs when a person or business intentionally provides false information on their tax return in order to limit their tax liability. Penalties for this crime can vary and are dependant on the amount of money withheld. Click here to read more about tax fraud.

White Collar Crimes 
White collar crimes include a lengthy list of business type activities that extend beyond unethical into illegal, such as embezzlement, RICO related, extortion, and commercial fraud, among others. Click here to read more about white collar crimes...

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