Long Island Drug Crimes

Arrested on drug charges in Long Island?

There are three broad instances for which a person could be arrested for drugs – manufacturing, trafficking, or possession.  Depending on which of these three crimes a person is charged with, the quantity of drugs involved, the type of drug involved, and a person’s prior criminal history, a person who is accused of manufacturing, trafficking, and/or possessing drugs in New York can face consequences ranging from stiff fines to serious jail time.

The penalty you face depends on several factors including the quantity and type of drugs involved. In New York, drug charges can stem from any of the usual narcotics, like marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine – as well as from certain other controlled substances, like prescription pills.

Because of the stigma attached to drug related offenses, a person may find his or her whole life turned upside down over a single drug related arrest – even without evidence and before a verdict is handed down.  In the U.S., anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, which is exactly why anyone accused of a drug related offense should hire an experienced drug defense attorney who can diligently advocate for the accused in court.