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More than 50 years experience at both state and federal levelsLaRusso Conway & Bartling is a Long Island based law firm that focuses on criminal and civil litigation. As a firm, our mission is to bring value to our clients and achieve their goals through a commitment to results, achievement and aggressive advocacy. We do so while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards. [...]

Our 65 Years of Experience

Robert P. LaRusso

Entered private practice after public service for more than twenty-eight years with the United States Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney [...]

Joseph R. Conway

A member of the defense bar after serving with distinction as an Assistant United States Attorney for more than fourteen years [...]

Nancy L. Bartling

Experience in both civil and criminal aspects of the law from complex civil litigation to misdemeanor and felony criminal trials [...]


To say we are grateful to you is truly an understatement. We can't thank you enough for taking Ray's case. We could see that you wanted to help us and it was clear how you persevered for Ray to achieve this best outcome. Ray Jr. has learned a very valuable lesson. He knows what you did for him and is very grateful. The way Adele and I prefer to look back at this event in our lives is that our family was in trouble and needed help. God sent us an angel to help us and his name is Joe Conway. Thank you for everything!

- Ray & Adele M.

It is indeed my pleasure to express gratitude for your professional representation as defense lawyer during my trial. I am extremely satisfied with the services, legal aid extended to me in the most difficult time of my life by you and your firm. Your staff was extremely efficient and supportive in addressing my queries and delivering my messages on time. Your wisdom, professional approach, interpretation of the facts and law was impressive for me being a client and also a source of information and knowledge. I am thankful for your kind assistance once again.

- N.K.