Robert P. LaRusso

Robert LaRussoMr. LaRusso entered private practice after public service for more than twenty-eight years with the United States Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney. During his tenure, Mr. LaRusso was Senior Trial Counsel and Chief of the Long Island Office in the Eastern District of New York and the Camden Office in Southern New Jersey. He also served as a member of the United States Organized Crime Strike Force.

Mr. LaRusso has investigated and prosecuted thousands of state and federal cases. He has extensive experience involving organized crime and racketeering, successfully prosecuting many high ranking members of the Gambino and Lucchese crime families in New York and New Jersey. He has also handled many cases involving narcotics trafficking and wiretap litigation, as well as complex business crimes involving bank, insurance and health care fraud. Mr. LaRusso has also investigated and prosecuted violent crimes, including murder, robbery, arson and extortion. In recognition of his achievements, Mr. LaRusso has received numerous awards, including awards from the Attorney General of the United States for his superior performance as an Assistant United States Attorney and from local, states, and federal law enforcement agencies in New York and New Jersey, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, United States Postal Service, Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and the United States Secret Service. Mr. LaRusso has supervised and trained state and federal prosecutors and lectured on trial advocacy at St. John's and Hofstra University Schools of Law, the New York County District Attorney's Office, and state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Before joining the Department of Justice, Mr. LaRusso served as an Assistant District Attorney and Deputy Chief of the Narcotics Bureau in the New York County District Attorney's Office under Frank Hogan and Robert Morgenthau. He graduated from Iona College and received his law degree from the University of Notre Dame School of Law. Mr. LaRusso lives with his wife, Mary O'Donoghue, and their three sons.